Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prompt Teaser, Season 3

Now that the season three contestants have been revealed, the excitement of the official competition has begun to grow. I know I cannot wait to start. We have a few more things to settle before we can move forward, unfortunately, but it's almost time! The first prompt isn't scheduled to be posted until April 15th, which is this upcoming Friday.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you the titles of the prompts just to get your curiosity flowing.

Because Figgy Idol is inspired by a singing competition, I wanted to bring that aspect in without doing the obvious--a music-inspired prompt. What I've done instead is assigned each prompt a song that may or may not go with the overall theme of the round. Each prompt's title is taken from that song's lyrics.
  1. Fly Away and Save the World
  2. Look Through the Curtains
  3. Don’t We All Want to Be God?
  4. I Know They’re the Ones to Blame
  5. All I Want is to Keep You Safe From the Cold
  6. I Just Want to Be Little Old Me
  7. I Will Find You and Haunt You Again
  8. Our Souls Will Join Again the Wild
  9. We Were Strangers, Starting Out on a Journey
And for a little extra fun, I've compiled a playlist full of the songs the prompt titles were taken from. They're in the same order as their corresponding round prompts. All of the songs are clean with no explicit content. Take a listen if you want.

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