Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Season Four, let's go!

Welcome to yet another exciting season of Figgy Idol!

We are so happy that you've decided to join us on this wonderful journey. The other judges and I have spent the last few months planning, plotting, and executing so many ideas that we can't wait to share with you. But before we get to that, let me give you a run-down of what Figgy Idol is and what to expect this upcoming season.

What Is Figgy Idol?

Figgy Idol is a multi-round, elimination-based, short story writing competition held just about annually on Figment.com. I started the competition back in 2014, never once imagining that it would last this long. The initial design was based loosely on the typical competition reality show seen on television, and it has since gone through several make-overs to become what it is today. It's still a writing competition, but it's so much more than that. Our contestants are forced out of their comfort zones and pushed to their limits, learning more about their craft and themselves as writers. The goal is to stretch ourselves, both as judges and writers, and experiment with new ideas and techniques. The one writer who can push themselves the most will win the coveted title of Figgy Idol.

How Does It Work?

To participate, potential contestants must first audition (more information on that to come). Once the audition period has concluded, our panel of judges selects who gets to compete. Then, our contestants are challenged by a series of prompts over a period of several weeks. Not everyone will make it to the end, unfortunately; there will be eliminations every round. These eliminations will be decided and agreed upon by our judges. In the end, only one writer will be titled our season four Figgy Idol.

This is not a short competition. I cannot stress that enough. (For reference, here's a link to our calendar.) If you do not think you will have the time to commit to it, we kindly ask that you do not audition. We'd hate to see you get selected and then drop out suddenly when someone who actually did have the time could have had your spot. So, please think about this thoroughly before auditioning.

After the audition period has concluded, our judges will sift through the audition pieces and pick out which writers they would like to see compete. A roster of about twenty writers will initially be agreed upon and selected by our panel. This group will then be invited to compete in Figgy Idol's fourth season. 

For the past couple of seasons, we have toyed with the idea of feedback groups. We're still offering in-depth reviews and feedback. However, we aren't locking each contestant in one group for the duration of the competition. What will happen is at the beginning of each round, the contestants will get to select which judge they would like to work with for that round. Each judge will have a select number of open slots. Once those slots are full, no other contestant can select that judge to work with. This prevents one judge from being overwhelmed by the contestants. The selection is a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure, as a contestant, you get their early to select the judge you want to work with. You can switch it up every round or stay with the same judge the entire season, that's up to you.

Of course, the feedback aspect of the competition is completely optional. You do not have to enlist the help of the judges at any time during this competition if you absolutely don't want to. If you are comfortable in your own abilities or have reliable outside resources, please do what works for you. We feel that this is a beneficial tool for both judges and contestants, but don't feel pressure to partake if you don't want to.

How Do I Participate?

All staff and contestants of Figgy Idol must be a member of the Figment.com writing community. It's easy to sign up if you have yet to join. You must also be a member of the Figgy Idol group in order to maintain your active status in the competition. Auditions for season four will open on January 1, 2017 and run through January 21, 2017. However, users may sign up for a reminder notification now. The link to that discussion can be found here.

What Are the Prizes?


  • Full review of completed manuscript by Becka
  • Creative consultation with Grant
  • Art package from Tilda
  • In-depth review of five stories of contestant's choosing under 6,000 words each here on Figment


  • Creative consultation with Grant
  • Art package from Tilda
  • In-depth review of four stories of contestant's choosing under 6,000 words each here on Figment


  • Creative consultation with Grant
  • Art package from Tilda
  • In-depth review of three stories of contestant's choosing under 6,000 words each here on Figment

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